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Let the creativity flow

It’s my absolute sure that creative businesses should keep being creative. They shouldn’t do web development.

That’s why businesses like this one exist. We do not know design. We know code. We love digging into new solutions that speed things up and shape things up. Preferably, everything should be as concrete as possible. With a starting point and a finish line.

And isn’t it awesome that we are all different? So we can complete each other.

I truly admire the ones who can craft designs and graphics that get you stunned. It looks so simple. For me, even the simplest stick-figure will fail.

But I’m no designer. So instead of trying to become one, I’ve decided to focus my attention on code and tech. That only.

Writing copy. Figuring out the SEO. Deliver ads. That’s something I let others be good at.

That is why this business became pretty awesome when it comes to digital solutions through writing code.

We don’t use visual builders. Not because I believe it’s cheating. But it basically removes the designer’s edge of freedom.

A builder will lower the flexibility, security, and speed. And, in my opinion, the simplicity.

I believe that a designer should design. Not become limited.

I believe; that being really amazing at one thing is way better than being so-so at multiple.

So that’s why.

All the best,


The component framework makes it really easy to handle the final website

Everything we deliver is hand-coded. Well, except for WordPress for CMS. Other than that we use our component framework which creates a flexible solution for the end user, without the risk of the design being broken.

In order to work together, we need to start somewhere, right? Reach out, jump on a call, let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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