A bit more in-depth


You as a creative agency will communicate when it’s time for a new project. You will share the design with us and we’ll jump on a call. On the call we’ll look at the scope of the project. Are there animations? Any other functionality that should be applied?


We establish a Trello board where you as the creative agency will get invited. We will break down the design into components which will become Trello-cards. All Trello-cards will be put in a list.


We will establish a development site which we will password protect. On the dev site you can follow the process of the development and eventually start filling content. As we go, each component will be done and moved to “Review” in Trello and you can find it on the development website and decide if it’s done or if it has to be shaped up a bit.


When the content starts coming in you can start entering that on the development site. Then we’ll also be able to see if some components need to be adjusted due to the size of the content.


Some plug-ins which will bring up SEO, speed and security will be installed. We’re trying to keep the amount of plug-ins down in order to keep the speed up.


When we’re all happy with the website we’ll deliver it. We’ll pack it up and put it on the hosting of choice. If there are no hosting present, we can fix that too.