Who am I and who are we?

If you’ve read a word or two on this website you’ll notice that I use both “we” and “I”. Why is that? Good question! Thanks!

The founder, me, is Nils Nilsson. I started my path as a business owner back in 2009. Since then I’ve been very interested in programming. Mainly web development.

The business is run by me and I’m the only employee. The reason I look at the business as a “we” is that I have a network of sub-contractors all over the world which I’ve educated in my way of creating a website. The component framework. I’m always the one delivering the end result, and the quality should always be above and beyond.

This gives me a huge benefit since I do not have to turn down work due to the lack of resources but I can still make sure the quality is what it should be. This is one of the huge benefits of picking a path.